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The name says it all ……….. and so do they.

The debators under the guidance of Mr Arun Sinha Sir are so deft in what they do. They can say two plus two makes five and confound you into believing it.






Google, firefox, internet and then, them. The quizzers of the school are always on their toes to gather information and are seen ruling the podium across India – be it luck now or Delhi. Keep it up!







With their magical brushes, these ‘Picassos’ under the guidance of Mrs Vinita Bhatt ma’am, add life and colours to the canvas.







With the aim of making mahapatras this hobby mainly focuses on teaching origami sculptures and leather cuttings. With Mr. SM NIGAM by their sidefor  guidance, learning by doing, shaping and moulding with clay. They can see their imagination  transform into  tangible forms.






This supertechie’ lot of the  college is well known for  making  new programs, movies and websites with Mr. Negi by their  side. They are adroit in the  diabolic  art  of switching over from games to  programing once Mr. Arya comes for  rounds.





The ‘nautankis and dramebaaz’ of the college along with Mrs. Neetu yadav have always put a good show. Be it a dramatics, jocular  one  for  the teacher’s day or a very  mawkish one for the old boys meet. They sure do know how to  get their  histrionics right!

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