Infrastructure & Facilities





The two cannons which are on the either side of the main War Memorial of UP Sainik School, Lucknow are adding grandeur to the greatness of this institution. These huge, old cannons were presented to UP Sainik School, Lucknow by Sri Biswanath Das, then Governor of UP in March 1964. These cannons were brought from Allahabad to the school campus by Lt Col H.R.H. Daniel.





Col VR Mohan former Mayor of Lucknow addressed the cadets of U.P. Sainik School and presented the life size statue of Dronacharya, the great figure of Mahabharata and preceptor of Pandvas, whom he trained in use of weapons. The statue was unveiled by His Excellency Sri Biswanath Das, then Governor of U.P. on January 29, 1967.





A six ton model of Jawan, eleven feet high in plaster of Paris in charging position was presented by State Directorate of Information. The Jawan was made by Sri S S Kulkarni. It was shown in Republic Day Parade, Delhi. Having shifted from place to place the model of Jawan has been finally placed at the main entrance of UP Sainik School, Lucknow. A Jawan is always on his toes and so is this Jawan.





Presiding over the inauguration ceremony of new cadet’s Mess, Air Chief Marshal Arjun Singh expressed his happiness at the progress and efficiency of the school.This aircraft was presented by him to the school. Inauguration ceremony of the aircraft was presided over by Sri Akbar Ali Khan on March 12, 1973.




The bust was made by Bhartiya Moorti Kala Mandir Lucknow. It was inaugurated by Wg Cdr K S Tripathi the then Principal of the school on May 12, 1982. The bust has been kept in front of school museum.






Lt Col H R Daniel, born on 16 March 1910, steered this pioneering, institution from 01 June 1960 to 15 Sept 1964 as founder Principal, an M.Ed. from university of Leeds, UK. He possessed excellent academic recod to inspire the faculty and cadets. Under his leadership the school grew into a perfect role model, paving the way for opening of chain of Sainik Schools across country. He left for heavenly abode on 29 Jan 1987 in Pune. Mrs Molly Daniel, his wife also dedicated herself to the grooming of cadets. They continue to inspire us even today.










This is the latest induction in the cache of various defence models, gracing the sprawling school campus. Presented by Indian Air Force under the able supervision of Air Force Station Memora, Lucknow, this fighter plane has done wonders during war times. Placed at the Main Gate of the school, the cadets are often seen thrilled while looking at the aircraft. Indeed a great Motivator for the budding officers.




Vijayanta the main battle tank (MBT) was built in India based on a licensed design of the Vickers MK1 of UK. The tank entered in to the service in the year 1965 and met the challenges of 1965 & 1971 was successfully. It had excellent fire power with cannon of 102 MML7A2 rifled fun (44 rounds) which was highly accurate. This tank with thick armour trench crossing capability of three meters and fording depth of 11 metres could penetrate deep into the enemy territory transmission sysem of Vijayanta is a technological marvel which remains unparalled till date. A tribute to the victorious tank The Vijayanta.
Vijayanta tank dedicated to UP Sainik School, Lucknow by Lt Gen V K Chaturvedi AVSM, SM on 13 Dec 2010, during the tenure of Col Sumar Vir Singh ( Principal) Golden Jubilee year 2009-2010.



Capt. Sunil Chandra VrC cadets’ mess is one of the exclusive symbol of solidarity and brother hood among cadets. 400 plus cadets breaking bread together is a heart warming sight and conjures UP vision to be longingness, deep rooted bonding.
The ultra modern automated kitchens is really a chef’s dream come true. Gadgets and appliances include the ice-cream machine, the coffee machine, chappati making machine and the spacious cold storage. The food is medically tested and certified for quality and calories. Guests, quantity and calories.Guests night and dinner nights are a regular feature at the cadets’ mess.


Besides smart class rooms, sprawling lawns and multiple play fields following infrastructure facilities are available within the school campus: –

(a) Squash Court           – 01        (h) Lawn Tennis Courts        – 02
(b) Basket Ball Courts  – 03        (j) Swimming Pool                – 01
(c) Skating Ring             – 01        (k) Volley ball Courts           – 04
(d) Obstacle Course       – 01        (l) Horse Riding Course        – 01
(e) Computer Labs         – 02        (m) Science Labs               – 04
(f) Sports Stadium         – 01        (n) Amphitheater               – 01
(g) Library                      – 01        (o) Sand Model Room        – 01


Squash Court:
The  latest  addition  in  the  sporting  facilities  for  the  cadets  of  the  school  is Squash Court. This has been built with the help of technical expertise of UP Jal Nigam. The court caters  for  proper  provision  of  viewer’s  Gallary  with  the  seating  capacity  of  50.  Fitted  with  fibre glass partitions, this Squash Court is a state of the art edifice which was formally inaugurated by Maj Gen (then Brig) Ranjeet Singh, Inspecting Officer of All India Sainik Schools Society.




A large Amphitheatre having a capacity of more than 1500 has been built in the  school  premises.  The  amphitheatre  is  equipped  with  ultra  modern  acoustics  and  projection facilities.  It  add  immense  value  to  the  life  of  cadets  as entertainment  and  screening  of  movies  is done  here  as  a  regular  feature.  This  Amphitheatre  also consists  a  large  stage  which  is  used  for organising various inter house competitions and other cultural activities. Being a good asset, this facility  will  be  a  centre  of  throbbing activities  for  the  personality  development  of  cadets  in  times ahead.



War Memorial:
A  huge  white  structure  emanating  sobriety  is  the  prominent  place  of pilgrimage  for  the  whole  school  and  the  eminent  dignitaries  who  visit  the  school  very  often.  This War  memorial  is  a  worthy  tribute  to  the  martyrs  who  passed  out  from  the  school  and  paid  the ultimate sacrifice for the nation. Aptly dedicated to the school by Gen V.K Singh, the Chief of the Army Staff, this war memorial is a unique piece of architectural excellence and stand tall to remind us that “service to the nation” is the goal of this institution.



Daniel Academic Block:
In the name of the first Principal of the school Lt Col HRH Daniel, a  new  Academic    Block  has  come  up  to  cater  the  growing  need  of  imparting  education  through modern technology. A double storeyed academic block has been fitted with all the possible latest educational tools to conduct ‘e-classes’ which is the need of the hour.




Smart Class Rooms:
So  far,  the  school  has  9  Computer  Aided  Smart  Class  Rooms  with one  server  room  which  are  being used by the faculty to impart  education.  Every Smart Class Room is equipped with Video Projection System, Interactive Board, Green Board, Speakers etc. A new era of teaching in the history of UP Sainik School has started.


Study room in senior hostel:
There was a growing need of having a proper study room in senior  hostel  and  to  meet  this  demand  the  school  administration  has promptly  acted  on  it.  A capacity  of  more  than  50  students  having  tables  and  chairs  with  proper  lighting/fan  &  coolers facilities  this  study  room  will  be  a  great  help  to  those sincere  students  who  are  always  keen  to burn the midnight oil away from the comforts of their hostel rooms for their bright future.





Maj Salman Khan, Shaurya Chakra Sports Stadium:
A newly constructed state of the art stadium  named  after  the  school  alumnus,  Late  Maj  Salman Khan,  Shaurya   Chakra  was inaugurated  by  his  father  Mr  Mustaq  Ahmad  Khan,  in  a  glittering  ceremony  on  07  Mar  2013. Annual  Athletics  and  other  major  sporting  events  will  be held  in  this  stadium  on  regular  basis which is equipped with all the modern facilities and amenities. Having a seating capacity of more than 3000, this stadium has got proper arrangement for the stay of sports teams by providing them separate  accommodation,  retiring  room,  changing  rooms  etc  and  with  this  now  we  can  conduct Disstt and State level tournament in the school.



Meditation Hall:
On  Mar  08,  2013  the  meditation  hall  with  a  capacity  of  100  was inaugurated by Col Sumar Vir Singh, the then Principal of the School. With the scenic beauty this edifice will be a perfect place for the young cadets and staff for yoga, meditation and other spiritual
discourse. A well planned Herbal and Medicinal Garden will be developed around it to further add on its ambiance.




Group “D” Staff Quarters:
The school administration felt the need of creating new set of accommodation for the backbone of the institution which is group “D” employees. In view of this, 16 new quarters have been construction, which have been equipped with modern basic amenities.

Presently all these quarters are fully occupied.

Capt  Manoj  Pandey,  PVC  Auditorium:
The  centrally  air  conditioned  auditorium  having  a seating capacity of 1000 is one of the most ambitious projects of UP Sainik School. Gen VK Singh, the former Chief of Army Staff laid the foundation stone of this auditorium on May 04, 2011. The state of art auditorium is under construction and very shortly it will see the light of the day.




Over  head  water  tank:
For  adequate  water  supply  the  school  has  constructed  a  large overhead water tank, of one lac liters capacity. In view of the growing problem of water scarcity in the  recent  past,  this  vast  reservoir  of  potable  water  will  meet  the  needs  of  the  cadets,  staff  and their families.