Our Staff


The  UP  Sainik  School  is  headed  by  a  ‘Principal’  who is a serving  officer  of  the  rank  of  Col  or equivalent. He is assisted by the Head Master and the Registrar. They are also serving officers of the  rank  of  Lt  Col  or  equivalent.  The  Head  Master  is responsible  for  education,  discipline  of cadets,   physical   training,   drill   and   co-curricular   activities.   The   Registrar   looks   after   the administration to include smooth functioning of offices, cadets’ mess and maintenance of school.

The details of staff are as under :-

 Employee Category Total Posts Filled Posts
 Teaching Staff      21      20
 Allied Staff (Instructors)      05      04
 Administrative Staff      27      20
 Group “D” employees      95      83


List of Teaching Staff Members :-

S.No. Name Designation
 1. Smt S Suneel Maths Master
 2. Sri RK Pandey Maths Master
 3.  Dr V Bhatt Art Master
 4. Sri Arun Sinha English Master
 5. Sri S.S. Chauhan Maths Master
 6. Dr Amit Chaurasia Biology Master
 7. Sri JK Sharma Music Master
 8. Dr Shubha Shukla Biology Master
 9. Sri Anil Kumar Computer Master
 10. Dr Dev Pal Singh Sanskrit Master
 11. Dr Anish Kumar Chemistry Master
 12. Sri K K Srivastava Physics Master
 13. Sri Saurabh Sharma Physics Master
 14. Dr Hemendra Kr Gupta Chemistry Master
 15. Sri N Sreenu Babu English Master
 16. Sri S K Uttam Geography Master
 17. Mrs Neetu Yadav English Master
 18. Sri Rishikant Paswan English Master
 19. Sri Avi Scott History Master
 20. Sri Karmveer Maths Master


Allied Staff (Instructors) :-

S.No. Name Designation
 1. Sri SM Nigam Craft Instructor
 2. Sri Mukat Singh PTI
 3. Sri Ishdev Singh PTI
 4. Sri Ranjeet Singh Workshop Instructor