War Heroes & Alumni

We salute the brave leaders of men, who with true grit and unrivalled gallantry led from the front of land, sea and air to strike terror in enemy heart and carved out victories against all odds. They made the supreme sacrifice when called for and died defending the honour and integrity of the motherland. Their saga of sacrifice will remain etching in letters of red and gold in the annuals of our nation’s history. Theirdeeds are stuff that legends are made of and their followers legion. Every cadet epitomizes the exemplary virtues displayed by their real life heroes. A grateful nation salutes its heroes and rejoice the passing of the mantle to future warriors…

  1. Capt Manoj Kumar Pandey, PVC (Posthumously)

It was July 3rd 2008 and the sky was overcast. Upsainians around Delhi were asked to gather by India gate. Till the time the cadets could get together it started raining and drenched all. Yet, once the candles were lit everyone was overwhelmed and engulfed with the Upsanian spirit. It was on the very same date in the year 1999 when Kargil war was at its peak and bullets and shells were raining all across the mountains. Leading the jawans was a young captain of 1/11 Gorkha Rifles who had been defying death and had a close brush with it on four earlier occasions. The destiny however, had charted another course for him. In one of the enemy bunkers he killed three Pakistani soldiers however, one of the bullets pierced through his forehead and he left us all for the heavenly abode. This young captain was none other than Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey who for his valour was accorded with the highest bravery award ” Param Vir Chakra”. He is the guiding light to not just the cadets of the school but the whole nation. Manoj Pandey belonged to the 1987-93 batch of school.


  1. Capt Sunil Chandra, Vr C (Posthumously)

On the October 17, 1987 Sainik School lost a very courageous ex-cadet, Captain Sunil Chandra of 8 Mahar regiment in Sri Lanka. Capt Sunil Chandra on 16/17 October 1987, headed a squad consisting of ten men, to deliver much needed ammunition for a besieged company. All soldiers of the company had exhausted their ammunition during the pitched battle with LTTE militants. The company was surrounded by militants in a tight cordon. The squad led by Capt. Sunil Chandra was ambushed twice en-route by LTTE militants wherein they lost two soldiers. The squad, however, continued their mission to reach company’s location. Heavy battle and firing ensued. Capt Sunil Chandra personally delivered ammunition with little care for his own life. Entire company was saved by the gallant action of Capt. Sunil Chandra and the remnant members of his team. But, during the mission, he was hit by a burst of medium machine gun (MMG) fire and laid down his life in the befitting tradition of making supreme sacrifice. For his dauntless action he was awarded Vir Chakra (posthumously). Sunil Chandra belonged to the 1973-79 batch of school.


  1. Maj Salman Khan, SC (Posthumously)

The 27 year old, popularly known as sallu among his friends and colleagues, displayed tremendous courage in fighting the militants. Perhaps, God had whispered to him about this as his father tells. “He just had months left for his tenure in Kashmir and while going back to his unit from Kanpur he had requested his classmate Manish Srivastava to pray for him so that he might get Shaurya Chakra before leaving Kashmir” he says. It happened true and Salman’s wish was granted but only after God called him to his abode and left the family and the school bereaved. Salman Khan belonged to the 1989-95batch of school and his school No. is 1576.



  1. Col K J Singh, SC, SM
  1. Maj Amia Kumar Tripathi, SM
  1. Col Siddharth Tiwari, SM
  1. Flg Officer Animesh Srivastava
  1. Fly Officer M S Pawar
  1. Flt Lt Mayank Mayur
  1. Sqn Ldr Atul Tripathi
  1. Flg Officer Sankalp Tiwari

Alumni who rose to the rank of Maj Gen/ Equivalent and above The  school  fed  more  than  815  Cadets  to  NDA  and  having  produced  several  worthy  officers  for defence forces. 23 of its cadets as given below rose to the rank of Maj Gen/ equivalent and above.

(a) Lt Gen Anil Chait, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
(b) Lt Gen AK Mishra, AVSM
(c) Lt  Gen Gen RP Shahi
(d) Lt Gen Rajeev Bhatia
(e) Vice Admiral Paras Nath, VSM
(f) Maj Gen Rajan Chand
(g) Maj Gen Jaideep Mitra
(h) Maj Gen PK Srivastava
(j) Maj Gen Amarjeet Singh, SM
(k) Lt Gen (Retd) Avdhesh Prakash, AVSM, VSM
(l) Lt Gen (Retd) PK Goel, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
(m) Lt Gen (Retd) VK Chaturvedi, PVSM, AVSM, SM
(n) Vice Admiral (Retd) Ganesh Mahadevan, AVSM, VSM
(o) Air Marshal(Retd) NV Tyagi
(p) Maj Gen(Retd) Ashok Khosla
(q) Maj Gen(Retd) Om Prakash
(r) Maj Gen(Retd) AK Singh

Lt   Gen   Anil   Chait,   PVSM,   AVSM,   VSM:

Lt   Gen   Anil   Chait,   PVSM,   AVSM,   VSM   was commissioned into Armoured Corps in Dec 1973.  He raised the Special Action Group (The Black Cats) of the National Security Guards where he was awarded the VSM.  An alumnus of Defence Services  Staff  College,  Wellington,  the  General  Officer has  served  in  the  perspective  planning directorate  and  MS  Branch  where  he  was  awarded  COAS  commendation.  He  commanded  an Armed  Regt,  an  Independent  brigade  and  an  Inf  Div  where  he  was  instrumental  in  successful organisation  of  4th Military  Word  Games. Besides  being  an  instructor  in  the prestigious  DSSC Wellington,  he  has  the  proud  distinction  of  attending the  US  Army  War  College. In  the appointment of ADG (D&V) at Army HQ, he was intrinsically involved in developing facts of human resources  pertaining  to  transformation  of  Indian  Army  2020.  Before  the  present  appointment  of CISE IDS, HQ MoD(Army) Gen Chait was GOC-in-C, HQ Central Command.

Lt Gen A K Misra, AVSM:

Lt Gen Anil Kumar Misra, AVSM was commissioned in the
Regiment of Artillery  in  Dec  1974.  He  commanded  4  (Hazara)  Mountain Battery  (Frontier  Force)  and  was  the commander  of  3  Artillery  Brigade  in  Ladakh  and  Siachen.  He  has  held  stints  of  instructor  at  IMA Dehradun and colonel Instructor Tactical Wing, School of Artillery Devlali. Some other prestigious appointments  held  by  the  General  Officer  are  Col  Q,  Lucknow  Sub  Area,  Dy  MS  (Arty)  at  Army HQ,  MG,  IC  Adm  at  HQ  Eastern  Command  ADG  (D&V)  and  DG  (MP&PS)  at  Army  HQ.  After completing  his  tenure  as  Chief  of  Staff,  HQ  Central  Command,  the  General  officer  is  presently posted as Commandant, School of Artillery, Devlali.

Vice Admiral Paras Nath, VSM:

Vice  Admiral  Paras  Nath  joined  the  school  in  1965  and  passed out in 1969.  The Admiral joined N D A in June 1969 along with the 42nd Course. The Admiral was commissioned in the Indian Navy on 01 Jan 74 in the erst while Supply and Secretariat branch and later joined the Logistic cadre in 1982. The Officer, during the distinguished career spanning over 35  years,  has  held  various  key  appointments  both onboard  ships  and  ashore.    He  has  unique distinction  of  having  commanded  IN  Ships  ‘Bulsar’  and  SDB  T-54.  While  commanding  SDB  T-54 the  Admiral  was  actively  involved  in  Palk  Bay  Patrolling  during  Op  Pawan.  The  Admiral  is  an alumnus  of  Defence  Services  Staff  College,  College  of  Defence  Management,  and  National Defence College.

Lt  Gen (Retd)  Prem  Krishan  Goel,  PVSM,  AVSM,  VSM:

Lt  Gen  P K  Goel,  AVSM,  VSM  was commissioned into the Regiment of Artillery in Dec 1970. He is an alumnus of NDA, Khadkwasla.In  a distinguished  career  spanning  around  four  decades  the  General  has  served  in  high  altitude, Highly Active Field Area (HAFA), Counter Insurgency operations and also held various prestigious Staff and Command appointments. The General is a graduate of Defence Services Staff College. Besides  having  attended  the  prestigious  courses  of  Higher Command  and  National  Defence College. He  has  also attended  a  prestigious  Course  at Frunze  Military  Academy  of  Moscow.  Lt General Goel commanded an  Artillery Regiment, and the prestigious 1 Artillery Brigade.  He has held  the  important  appointments  of  Additional  Military  Secretary  (B)  at  Army  Headquarters  and Instructor at School of Artillery.

Lt General (Retd) V K Chaturvedi, PVSM, AVSM, SM:

The general studied at U P Sainik School from 1962 to 1967 before his selection for the 38th NDA course at National Defence Academy. He was commissioned into the regiment of Arty in Jun 1971. He is an alumnus of LGSC, service Staff College  and  LDMC.  During  the  distinguished  career  spanning  over  38  years,  he  has  served  in different  capacities  in  command, staff and instructional assignments. Some  of  the  important appointments  held  by  the  general  officer  are  comd  of  a field  regt  in  Op  Rakshak  in  J & K,
Commander on an Arty Bde in strike corps during op Parakram, Director WE-5, Brig IC adm of HQ 16 Corps, Additional Director General of artillery HQ and DG (MP&PS) at Army HQ New Delhi.The general officer was awarded the Sena medal for gallantry in 1971 Indo Pak war.

Vice Admiral (Retd) Ganesh Mahadevan, AVSM, VSM:

Vice   Admiral   Ganesh   Mahadevan joined  the  Indian  Navy  as  a  cadet  (38  NDA)  and  was commissioned on 01 Jan 1972.The Flag officer  did  his  Basic  Engineering  Course  at  INS  Shivaji and  advanced  Electrical  course  at  INS Valsura.    He  is  an  alumnus  of  the  National  Defence  College  (42  NDC).He  has  served  in  various capacities  including  five appointments at Naval Headquarters.    He  has  served  Directorate  of Weapon  Engineering  (DWE),  Directorate  of  Electrical  Engineering  (DEE)  and  Directorate  of
Information Technology (DIT). During his appointment as Assistance Chief of Material (Information Technology  &  Systems),  the  Flag  Officer  was  involved  in  various  weapons  and  IT  projects  of national interest. The flag officer has been serving as Chief of Material since 01 Jan 09.

Maj  Gen  (Retd)  AK  Singh:

Maj  Gen  AK  Singh  was  commissioned  into  64  Cavalry  on  14 Nov 1971.  He  is  an  alumnus  of  NDA.  In  a  distinguished  career  spanning  around  four  decades,  the general  officer  has  held  a  no  of  prestigious  command,  staff  and  instructional  appointments  to include CO 64 Cav, Cdr 5 Sect RR, GOC 27 Mtn Div, Col GS HQ 4 Inf Div, Dir (CT) HQ LDS, MA at embassy of India at Mascow and Commander SC Wing, Army War College.

Alumni Civil Dignitaries:

Some of the ex-cadets who are excelling in different fields and have earned honourable places for themselves are as follows:

(a) Mr Harsh Vardhan             – Member of Parliament
(b) Mr Shashank Shekhar                 – Cabinet Secretary, Govt of UP
(c) Mr Sudhanshu Dhulia                  – Justice, High Court, Uttarakhand
(d) Mr AN Das, IAS – Joint Secretary, Department of Irrigation, Govt of Andhra Pradesh
(e) Mr Ashutosh Shukla, IPS  – IG, CRPF Directorate, New Delhi
(f) Maj (Retd) Sanjay Yadav   – Information Commissioner, UP
(g) Mr Jagdeep Rai                  – DRM, Northern Railway

Mr Harsh Vardhan, MP:

Sri Harsh Vardhan belongs to the first batch of the school which joined in  1960.  He  has  an  illustrious  political  career  of  three  decades  and  is  presently  Member  of Parliament from Maharajganj. He was elected for 15th Lok Sabha in 2009.

Honourable Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia, Justice Uttarakhand High Court

Sri  Sudhanshu  Dhulia  was  born  on  10th  August,  1960  in a  small  Cantonment  Town  of Lansdowne  in  Pauri  Garhwal,  Uttarakhand.  He  is  the  son of  Late  Sri  K.C.  Dhulia  (Judge, Allahabad High Court) and grandson of Pundit Bhairav Dutt Dhulia, freedom fighter. He started his practice  before  the  Allahabad  High  Court  in  the  year  1986.  On  the  creation  of  the  new  State  of Uttarakhand,  Sri  Dhulia  became  its  First  Chief  Standing Counsel.  He  was  later  appointed  as  the Additional  Advocate  General.  In  the  year  2004,  he  was  designated  as  a  Senior  Advocate  by  the Uttarakhand High Court. On 01.11.2008, he was elevated to the Bench and took charge as Judge, High Court of Uttarakhand.

Mr AN Das, IAS

Belonging  to  1971  batch  of  the  school,  Mr  AN  Das  joined  IAS  in  1986.  He  presently  is holding the appointment of Joint Secretary, Irrigation with the Govt of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr Ashutosh Shukla, IPS

A  brilliant  student  of  his  time,  Mr  Ashutosh  Shukla  belongs  to  1971  batch  of  the  school. Selected to IPS in 1986, he is presently posted as IG at CRPF Directorate at New Delhi.

Maj (Retd) Sanjay Yadav

Belonging  to  June  73  batch  of  the  school,  he  joined  NDA  (63rd  course)  in  1979.  He  was commissioned  into  the  Regt  of  Arty  in  1983.  However,  due  to  some  personal  problems,  he resigned  from  the  army  and  entered  the  portals  of  politics.  He  was  appointed  Information Commissioner, UP in Dec 2006.