Motivational Talks

U.P. Sainik School in the Eyes of Some of Distinguished Visitors.

Aug 10, 1960
Sri Chandra Govind Narain, Chief Secretary to U.P. Government.
I am happy to see this infant institution growing healthy. It will need all our care and attention for full development and I feelconfident that the principal and his team of able teachers and staff are quite upto the task.

Feb 20, 1961
Sri VK Krishnamenon, Minister of Defence, Govt. of India

Dec 19, 1962
Gen KM Cariappa
This is indeed a very fine school. The cadets looked smart and alert. Everything looked spick and span

Apr 11, 1963
Smt. Sucheta Kriplani, Chief Minister
Made me very happy to see the school and the smart looking cadets

Sep 10, 1965
Sri R N Singh Deo, Bolangir (HH the Maharaja of Patra)
It was a pleasure to see the smartness and keenness of the cadets.

Jul 20, 1973
Sri Akbar Ali Khan, Governor U.P.
I would like to place on records the happy memories of my visit to U.P. Sainik School, Lucknow on the 12th of March 1973 which was occasional, among other things, by the inauguration of the school aircraft also.
I was very much impressed with the students turn over, their deep sense of discipline and an allround note of chivalary befitting the youth. I was glad to learn that the institution has provided rich flora and fauna to the Armed Forces of the country who served the Motherland devotedly and successfully in emergency times. The Principal Col Singh, appeared to me the nucleus of the institution who generates inspiration to all the students.
I wish the school many more years of useful service to the cause of our Motherland and the cadets a bright future.

Nov 25, 2005
Brig D N Varma, SM, DDG NCC (UP & UA) NCC Directorate
It was a very enjoyable afternoon attending the 43rd Athletic Meet of my alma matter. May every cadet aspire and achieve strength, speed and higher heights.

Aug 9, 2007
Maj Gen P K Goel, AVSM, VSM, MS Branch, Attq
Well done and keep it up- All my good wishes are with you.

Dec 15, 2007
Vice Admiral Ganesh Mahadevan, (School No. 106),
Admiral Superintendent Naval Dockyard Visakhapatnam
It is a matter of profound pleasure for me to come back to my school after even four decades.
It was good to meet up with old familiar fores and I am delighted at the old boys spirit to which I intend contributing.I would like to wish the school great success.

Dec 14, 2008
Lt Gen V K Chaturvedi, DG MP&PS Army HQ
My most memorable day. Its been a great pleasure to be in the school today and see it grow. My best wishes to each one of you.

Dec 13, 2010
Gen V K Singh, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC Chief of Army Staff
A pleasure to visit the school and see all the good work that is being done. My best wishes to all the staff and the cadets. May you all always do well.

May 24, 2011
Gen V K Singh, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC Chief of Army Staff
It is good to see the meaming and motivated faces of cadets of the school. I am sure that the school will do extremy well in the future. My best wishes & compliments.

The school campus was abuzz with motivational words from senior defence officers in which some of them were esteemed alumni. The high octane inspiring words served the purpose to pump up the enthusiasm of the youngaspirants. The following senior dignitries were invited for motivational talk:

(a) Lt Gen AK Misra, AVSM :

An alumnus, Lt Gen AK Misra, AVSM is presently posted as Commandant, School of Artillery, Devlali. In his address to the cadets on 15 Jul 2013, Gen Misra stressed the need of putting in more concerted efforts in the changed scenario as the written format of NDA is getting increasingly more challenging and the selection process during SSB requires more planned preparations. A monumental role model for the young inspiring cadets, Gen Misra urged the cadets to be more single minded and resolute in approach without getting sidetracked due to availability of other career options which are mostly befuddling in nature. He stressed on the new awakened need of defence forces in todays troubled times. Gen Misra urged the cadet to ignite their mental and physical spark which is often in a latent state and go unnoticed unless one deliberately strive for it.

(b) Brig Shishir Pandey:

The school alumnus, Group Commander, NCC Group Headquarter, Lucknow, Brig Shishir Pandey visited his almamater on 07 Oct 2013. In his address to the cadets, Brig Pandey exhorted the cadets to assign due importance to Self Study as this is often markedly neglected. He also counseled the cadets to get Gyana from your revered teachers as they are the perennial source of Knowledge. He further gave a sage advice to the cadets to be more organized and follow simple living. While narrating his personal experiences of courage, confidence and commonsense, he left the cadets spellbound and commanded a hilarious response from them with clapping.

(c) Brig VN Chaturvedi:

Brig Education of Headquarter, Central Command, Lucknow, Brig VN Chaturvedi addressed the cadets on 24 Aug 2013. He was really impressed with the turnout and discipline of the cadets. He exhorted the young cadets for their valued goal that is NDA. He advised the cadets to make the best use of the superlative facilities being provided to the cadets in the campus. He urged the cadets to work for the real success which is a sum result of hard work and righteous intention.

(d) Career Counseling Seminar:

Mr Pawan Mishra, an alumnus of the school was the Resource Person for the seminar held on Oct 04, 2013. Presently, Mr Mishra is Centre Head of Narayana Coaching, Rohini, New Delhi. Cadets of class IX to XII participated in this Seminar cum career workshop. Valuable Career tips were given to the cadets for academic enhancement and emphasis was laid on the importance of self study. It was told to the cadets that regular 6 hours of single minded study would enable cadets to achieve the desired result. He clarified the queries of the cadets with his experienced touch and simplicity. While narrating his personal experiences of hard work, confidence and time management, he left the cadets spellbound and commanded a hilarious response from them with clapping.

(e) Lt Col Anuvandana Jaggi:

On Oct 11 and 12, 2013 the cadets got a different set of experience and a strong sense of motivation when Lt Col Anuvandana Jaggi, GTO from SCE Allahabad illustrated the various aspects of Service Selection Board. She also described in detail about the wonderful life of uniformed Officer. In her motivational talk she presented fair number of opportunities to the cadets to clear the nagging doubts about the intricacies of SSB. The contents of session and the manner in which it was conducted further steeled the resolve of a large number of cadets to join the defence forces.

(f) Gp Capt LK Pandey:

From 21 to 25 Oct 2013 Gp Capt LK Pandey an Ex GTO & Interviewing Officer in AFSB conducted orientation course followed by practical conduct of SSB procedure. His special emphasis was on the importance of personality development and careful nurturing of behavioural pattern of the cadets. He clarified the queries of the cadets with his experienced touch and simplicity. Gp Capt Pandey told the cadets to uphold the values of sincerity, dedication and hard work and imbibe officer like qualities of self sacrifice, welfare of people, shouldering responsibilities and to uphold the pride of our country at the top.